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Aug 17, 2018

Community Healing with Koi Fresco (Vishuddha Das) Yoga & Meditation | Festival

Wow, little did I know the whole squad would show up! What an incredible day it ended up being! I can’t thank Vishuddha (Koi) enough for inviting me to this Community Healing gathering.


Location: Elysian Park, Los Angeles California
Film Date: 8/18/2018
Camera: Canon t6i, & GoPro 5
Recommend viewing in 1080HD or Highest Quality

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Aug 13, 2018

Complete Body Yoga Workout

An easy, go-to-guide to a full body yoga workout. Stretch the muscles of all your body parts, and feel an overall rejuvenation of your body through this yoga workout.

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Aug 11, 2018

Intentional Living Interview | Breath with Dia Yoga

Intentional Living Interview | Breath with Dia Yoga

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Today I bring you a special interview with yoga instructor Dia, of Dia Yoga. I interviewed Dia for the Intentional Living series on my blog, where I interview inspiring people who live in a mindful manner. Dia speaks about the importance of breath. Check out more of my interview on my blog, where the conversation turns to minimalism and living a good life.

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Ten Eco Friendly Minimalist Life Hacks to Live By

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