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Aug 12, 2018

Follow Along Yoga Routine for Athletes Who Are Tight & Stiff

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***Even if you DON’T DO Yoga, this routine is worth trying for all you athletes out there…You will MOVE & FEEL BETTER doing this follow along routine!***

The poses and postures in this follow along yoga routine will absolutely help you loosen up and unlock your tight shoulders, chest, and back muscles as well as help your hips and legs gain mobility.

Ultimately this entire routine will help you perform and feel better. And we speak from experience because we’ve been doing Yoga like this with Coach Zach for nearly a year and he’s awesome! When we miss a session, we FEEL it.

Strength Coach, Yoga instructor & Marine Corp Vet Zach Zenios knows how to help you get more out of your body. Range of motion and increased mobility from head to toe is critical in human performance. That is why top athletes spend so much time on warming up properly and getting their body to move through a FULL range of motion. Zach has tailored his sessions with us based on our personal needs, more mobility and flexibility in our muscles and joints.

We are all built differently, no doubt about that. And due to past injuries or traumas to the body, some of these postures or poses may be harder than others. However, you can’t argue the fact that most of us spend too much time in postures that promote poor posture and cause tightness in our shoulders, chest, neck, lower back and especially our hips and groin areas.

Do you sit at work a lot? How about driving, do that much?? For anyone on the computer for hours at a time, these poses are VERY important for you…

Unraveling these areas can take time but if you learn and practice some simple movements like the yoga poses Zach shows you in this video, over time you can undue some of the damage and/or tightness that you’re currently dealing with.

NOTE – the key to all of these postures and poses is the breath. If you don’t breathe deeply into your belly using your nostrils to help slow your breathing down, your results will not be as noticeable.

The breath is KEY to all poses and postures in yoga and ultimately KEY to all sports performance. Focusing on your breath will always lead to a calming / relaxing effect allowing your body to get into better positions.

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