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Sep 5, 2018

What I Eat in a Day: Vegetarian | Yoga Teacher | Busy Mom

What I Eat in a Day: Vegetarian | Yoga Teacher | Busy Mom
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Those who know me know that I am not a full-time vegetarian although it’s something that I’m interested in. It just so happens that everything I eat in this day is vegetarian and I eat vegetarian a lot of the time now those of you that have been watching my videos or listening to my podcast already know. I am very passionate about my Ayurvedic diet right now. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, it’s a medicinal system that dates back thousands of years and adheres to the philosphy that food is medicine. The idea is that if you eat appropriately for your mind, body type you’re gonna feel better, feel more vitality and come back into balance.

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