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Aug 30, 2018

How to Supercharge Your Life with Positivity | Face Yoga Method

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A good friend, and one of the happiest people I know gave me the best advice. She said , “we are all here for visit, might as well enjoy it!”

This stopped me mid-thought!
How simple and true and what a great way to look beyond the stress of a day! My reactions to everything had shifted right then and there.

We are the keepers of our own happiness.
Do not let events affect your internal glow and happiness.
Hold on to your positivity and the child inside with everything you’ve got!

Do your best to tune-in and catch yourself before you spiral down a not so pleasant path.
How we present and feel each situation affects us greatly.
Depending on how we see a situation, how we receive it, how we perceive it, this changes our energy.

By finding the silver linings, you will SUPERCHARGE YOUR LIFE WITH POSITIVITY!

Energy affects our body.
If you want be a person who attracts other people and makes them feel so happy and light and expand- START WITH YOUR OWN HAPPINESS –
Don’t just be the light, be the LIGHTHOUSE.

Start by training your mind to see the positive and the joy that is in abundance around us.
Once you open your mind to the bright side, serendipity will take the wheel.
People will open up to you. Stability will present itself. Worry will fade.


It’s all so much easier, life is so much easier, if you just focus on positive side of everything!

This video is all about How to Supercharge Your Life with Positivity, enjoy!

More videos like this on the Face Yoga Method website: https://goo.gl/2j9jcA