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Aug 27, 2018

How to do Instagram Challenge | Our Yoga Instagram Challenge 2018

Instagram Challenge Details! Expand below for the poses, rules and prizes the #goddesschakrachallenge. ✨ Follow me on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/larkinyogatv/

✨ Join Uplifted for Women’s Health & Healing Month ✨ https://www.brettlarkin.com/uplifted/

How to Participate in the Insta Challenge:
(1) Re-post today’s image on Insta and TAG friends who would love this challenge.
(2) Follow @larkinyogatv @yogajosey @yoga_mami and sponsors.
(3) Post a photo for each of the 7 days (we start Sept 3, but you can start getting your photos ready now)
(4) In ALL of your posts use the hashtag #GoddessChakraChallenge AND TAG all hosts and sponsors. The easiest way to do this is to copy paste the text below into each of your posts. If you’re on my email list, you’ll see I’ve emailed this to you!

Pose Lineup:
Day 1.Yogi Squat Malasana
Day 2. Bridge
Day 3. Boat pose
Day 4. Upward Facing Dog
Day 5. Supported Shoulder Stand
Day 6. Humble Warrior
Day 7. Cross Legged Pose

Practice YOUR yoga. Variation and modifications of all the poses above are supported and encouraged.

Sponsors (7, one for each chakra!):

First Place:
Yoga Outlet: $250 gift card.
Chattra: $250 gift certificate.
Sivana Spirit: $100 gift card.
Shankara Naturals: $100 gift card.
Yogi Surprise: 6-month Yoga box membership to yoga and jewelry box.
Infinity Strap: Limited edition cork yoga mat & Infinity straps.
Shankara Naturals: $100 gift card
Splendid Spoon: Prize being finalized

2nd & 3rd Place:
Yoga Outlet: $100 gift card.
Chattra: Neck cushion.
Sivana Spirit: $100 gift card.
Shankara Naturals: $100 gift card.
Infinity Strap: Limited edition yoga cork mat.
Shankara Naturals: $100 gift card
Splendid Spoon: Prize being finalized

~Set your profile to public so we can see your posts. 🏼
DM with ANY questions. Can’t wait to see all your posts, GOOD LUCK!!

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Do you find yourself spending more and more time on IG? I sure do! I feel our #upliftedyoga community is super connected on our Private FB Group (link in stories) and of course Youtube (same), but I want to be following more of you HERE on Insta. To help us all find each other and get connected, I’m hosting a MassiveYoga Challenge in honor of our Women’s Health and Healing month inside our Uplifted Community. Of course, it’s around my favorite theme, the Chakras. We start this time next week. I’m calling it the Goddess Chakra Challenge because all about igniting our inner feminine divinity through yoga and community. #goddesschakrachallenge I’m joining forces with two yogini’s I’ve been following on Instagram forever – @yogajoey & @yoga_mami!! ‍♀️ The 7 day challenge starts Sept 3 – 9 (one week from today) ALL levels are welcome. Three winners will be selected with prizes valued at over $2,000 thanks to our incredible sponsors. Insta challenges are new to me too, so check out ALL the deets about how it works below, in the video in my stories and take your pose photos NOW so you are ready and have a better chance to WIN!

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