Let Go of a Stressful Day with Yin Yoga – Yoga with Dr Melissa West 448

Aug 11, 2018

Let Go of a Stressful Day with Yin Yoga – Yoga with Dr Melissa West 448

Did you ever have one of those stressful days? One where the weight of work and the problems of your personal life create so much tension and anxiety in your body that they could potentially affect your sleep that evening? This past week my daughter has been sick and I have family visiting from across the country. There has been a lot of extra care-taking and hosting responsibilities on my plate in addition to my regular work. When it came time to make a yoga class for you this week I thought, what would I want the most today? I would want a yin yoga class that I could do in the evenings to help me let go of the stressful day I have just experienced. A day of doctor appointments, feeling guilty for turning down social engagements and having to cancel work commitments.

This yin yoga class to help you let go of a stressful day we will focus on the large intestine meridian to help you let go. We will also focus on the spleen and stomach meridians to let go of the way we tend to worry and overthink things. Along those lines we will attend to the liver meridian to release frustration and anger, especially anger that is turned inwards. When the liver meridian is flowing smoothly we experience an overall free and easy energy. Finally we will make sure to stimulate the bladder meridian – the guardian of peace, for free flowing energy.

Yin Yoga to Let Go of a Stressful Day | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 448

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