Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Core & Upper Body Strength – 60 Minutes

Aug 9, 2018

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Core & Upper Body Strength – 60 Minutes

Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – Challenge your core and upper body strength with this 60-minute dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga students. We explore core plank variations, one-legged chaturangas, double pushups and more. This practice is also a total body yoga flow workout with backbends, forward folds, twists, side stretches, balance postures, and hip openers. We cool down with floor poses and stretches to prepare body and mind for relaxation. Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus in this 1 hour continuous flow class.

There are a few minutes of Savasana music at the end. However, if you would like a guided Savasana after this practice, please click on my video below:
Savasana (6 Minutes) – Guided Deep Relaxation

Note: I do not recommend this video for complete beginners. There is minimal instruction in most of the poses. One must be familiar with the common yoga postures and the vinyasa sequence to benefit from this class.

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Yoga Mat (underneath) – Manduka Black Mat PRO
Yoga Towel – AYP Organic Cotton Mysore Practice Rug
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