DUBAI BEACH Girls V Yoga Music, bikini yoga poses

Aug 8, 2018

DUBAI BEACH Girls V Yoga Music, bikini yoga poses

Dubai Beach 2018 Yoga poses and The best Dubai beachs with trending dance music. Motivational fitness and yoga video showing beach Yoga Asanas with new dance music to inspire you to try Yoga in dubai. Featuring our Dubai Yoga Girls. YOGA Personal Trainer Dubai.


Music in this video is licensed and we have the license to promote music on our channel.

New Dance music by a talented young Swedish Composer.. from Sweden.! S Forslund.

Lets us know and we will pass on your comments to the record label so

Motivational beach views and Yoga plus fitness and the latest music videos. We made the video to get people to try beach yoga if you are visiting dubai.. and see the amazing beaches.. or visit Dubai and enjoy a fitness holiday.
Also to motivate people to try yoga and excercise to music.

Tantra yoga and Kundalini Yoga we offer beach classes. We combine dance music with cool chill out up tempo Yoga music and mix asanas yoga poses with rythmic fitness aerobic dance steps.

We also teach Aqua Yoga and hot tub yoga.. combining Tantra Hatha and Kundalini yoga to the latest music or cool Indian and Budha bar music. You can chose a personal trainer. Or a fun inspirational yoga class at a beach near you.

We offer beach yoga in Bournemouth UK
Brighton beach UK

Ibiza in the summer.

Dubai JBR and Burj Al arab beaches and XYOGA Dubai. October to May.

If not get inspired get fit enjoy fitness with music and enjoy yourself.

Our therapists and Yoga teachers clips include

Karen and kno D
Mary Celia.
Sasha yoga
Karen London Tantra
Dubai yoga teachers Mary, JC.

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White Tantra in the Spa

Red intro

We recommend a holiday in Dubai also Abu dhabi which are UAE the country nation. You will find lovely Emirati people who are so welcoming to tourists. They have beautiful clean beaches. Safe family holiday. Also wonderful dance music clubs for those who like to party.

The deserts tours in Dubai are worth doing in the winter when its cooler. Yoga Meditation and desert safaris. Try trending JBR beach and Dubai marina with 5* hotels and great facilities. Burj Al arab is featured in this video. We do yoga by the hotel beach. Its the worlds most luxurious hotel.

Beach is free of charge for those on budget.

Please respect Dubai culture and UAE.. doing bikini yoga is ok on the beach. But please dress and cover yourself when leaving the beach. Conservative country and welcomes tourists but please respect outside of the beach area the way you dress.


We will be shooting with a new camera so resolution will be good on next videos and 4k.

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