Dosha Balancing Yin Yoga Ayurveda Yoga Yoga with Melissa 452

Sep 15, 2018

Dosha Balancing Yin Yoga Ayurveda Yoga Yoga with Melissa 452

This dosha balancing yin yoga class is an ayurvedic yoga class which will balance vata, pitta and kapha doshas. We will begin the class by noting how the principles of yin relate to each dosha. From there I will offer special modifications for each dosha in the yin yoga poses and in some cases I will offer modifications in the yin yoga poses and even different yin yoga poses depending on your dosha. If you are not sure of what your dosha you can try the chopra center dosha quiz.

Ayurveda is a five thousand year old system of medicine originating in India. It is known as a sister practice to yoga. In fact, Ayurveda, the wisdom of life, has recommends specific yoga practices for specific body types.

Ayurvedic medicine believes that each of us has a unique makeup or constitution. Vata dosha is made up of air and ether, pitta dosha water and fire, and kapha dosha water and earth. There are specific lifestyle recommendations for each dosha that I will apply throughout this class so that you have the best yoga practice for your dosha.

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