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Aug 14, 2018

Dicas de yoga para iniciantes | Malu Perini | Você MAIS Fitness

Neste vídeo eu trago novamente a minha professora de yoga, Bruna Paludetti para dar dicas para iniciantes no Yoga e para fazermos algumas posturas juntas.

Adquira seu Calendário Low Carb, a ferramenta que mais me ajudou ao longo da minha jornada de emagrecimento e reeducação alimentar, e comece a usá-lo para alavancar seus objetivos também.

Calendário Low Carb – Malu Perini – Você Mais Fitness

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Aug 13, 2018

Archer Pose | The Cosmic Kids Yoga Pose Universe!

Another kids yoga pose from the Cosmic Kids Yoga Pose Universe! This week Jaime shows us Archer Pose. Archer Pose is brilliant for opening our hips and strengthening our core. It also gives our arms and legs a really good stretch.
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Aug 13, 2018

Yoga Asana Lab: Kneeling Split (Ardha Padangusta Hanumanasana)

Asana: Ardha Padangusta Hanumanasana
Brief alignment: Start from kneeling. Tip right. Yogi toe lock right foot as you plant the left hand into the floor with the shoulder over the wrist, and balance on the left knee. Engage the core as you extend the right leg, open the hip and lift the yogi toe lock up.
Benefits: Stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the thighs and knees
Contraindications: Hamstring, knee injury
Yogea Asana Lab breaks down your favorite classical poses – guiding you through safe alignment and smooth transitions. It is not a yoga routine, and requires prior warm up depending on the complexity of each asana. Each pose is demonstrated only on one side, so please, don’t forget to do it on the other. The idea is to offer some valuable alignment and energetic tips on how to progress from simple to complex asana, while enjoying a safe and pain-free practice.

Aug 13, 2018

How to do Yoga Moves for a Beginner | Fun Yoga Moves Yoga Club

Rebecca Brand shows an easy yoga routine for beginners. Get 20% off your first box with code REBECCABRAND20 at
Yoga Club sponsored this video, I got this YogaClub outfit to have a good look while I learned Yoga! Checkout my Yoga routine – How to do Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga is easy and fun!

YogaClub is a subscription service for yoga apparel. The best part? You save 50% off retail prices!
You get to take a fun style quiz so your stylist gets to know you. It’s like having your best friend pick out your yoga outfits!
YogaClub isn’t just about getting cute clothes. They’re also making a difference, every box purchased provides a yoga class for a child in need! One box, one class!
YogaClub styles you in a 3 piece outfit hand picked from amazing brands like Free People, Varley, Glyder, and Teeki [you can mention the brands you got!]…but at about 50% off retail value.
Choose between a monthly or quarterly membership priced at $79 (monthly) or $89 (quarterly).

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FTC: Yoga Club sponsored this video, my opinions are my own and true.

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Aug 13, 2018

20 minute Energizing Morning Yoga for Posture & Confidence

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Aug 13, 2018

How to Increase Memory Power | Yoga Videos For Beginners In Telugu | Yoga In Telugu | Yoga Videos

How to Increase Memory Power , Yoga Videos For Beginners In Telugu , Yoga In Telugu , Yoga Videos,

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Aug 13, 2018

30 days of yoga | Day 13 | 13 Sun Salutations

It’s time for 30 days of yoga! You guys ready? DAY 13 is here! Let’s get moving! 13 sun salutations will get you warm FAST!

A special thank you to Gaiam for sponsoring this challenge by giving away prizes to a select few that engage the most with the challenge!

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Aug 13, 2018


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Aug 13, 2018
Aug 13, 2018

New Age Music: Relaxing Music; Reiki Music; Yoga Music; Relaxation Music; Spa Music; 🌅

Featuring three hours of beautiful Relaxing music by Paul Landry and favourite relaxation music; reiki music & new age music from our library 🌅 – Subscribe here: : Yoga music and spa music.

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