1 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga | Twist & Bind | Strong Beginners & Intermediate

Aug 8, 2018

1 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga | Twist & Bind | Strong Beginners & Intermediate

This yoga video is a 1 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga class suitable for strong beginners and intermediate level students. Work your whole body to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. This yoga practice will also help calm your mind and promote relaxation. The video is 58 minutes long, to be exact. We start with centering before warming up. There is a little bit of everything here to provide a balanced practice but we do focus on yoga twists and arm binds. We build up towards the peak poses and adequately prepare the body. The last 15 minutes are for slowing down and lingering in stretches. There are 5 minutes of Savasana music (no music for the rest of the class) before we close the practice together.

As always, I offer modifications for the poses. A small box will appear at certain times in the video to show you how to use a strap (or small towel) or a block in some of the poses. If your knees are sensitive, pad them with a blanket or towel. Listen to your body and work at the intensity level that feels right for you today.

Here are my videos to guide you in using props:

How to Use Yoga Straps

How to Use Yoga Blocks

Also, there is Shoulder Stand Pose towards the end of this yoga class. If you’ve never done this pose before, please watch my tutorial first.

Legs Up the Wall and Shoulder Stand Pose Tutorial

Yoga Inversions Tutorial Series

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